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SS-N-25 (Kh-35)

SS-N-25 (Kh-35)

Country:  Russian Federation
Alternate Name:  Switchblade, 3M24 Uran
Class:  SLCM
Target:  Ship
Terminal Velocity:  0.8 mach
Length:  4.4-5.4 m
Diameter:  0.42 m
Launch Weight:  630-700 kg
Payload:  145 kg HE, SAP
Propulsion:  Turbofan w/ solid booster
Range:  130-250 km
Guidance:  INS, active radar, GPS
Status:  Operational
In Service:  1993
Exported:  India, Vietnam


The SS-N-25 “Switchblade” (3M24 Uran) is a short-range, ship-launched, turbofan-powered, single-warhead, surface-to-surface cruise missile developed and manufactured by Russia.

The Zvezda-Strela OKB (now Tactical Missile Corporation) began developing the SS-N-25 “Switchblade” missile in 1983. It was originally intended as a surface-to-surface missile for ship and coastal launch, and an export replacement for the SS-N-2 “Styx” missiles. The ship-launched version is known as the SS-N-25 “Switchblade” (3M24 Uran) and the ground-launched coastal defense version as the SSC-6 “Stooge” (3K60 Bal). An air-launched version, the AS-20 “Kayak” (Kh-35), was added later.

The SS-N-25 “Switchblade” (3M24 Uran) is similar in appearance to the U.S. RGM-84 “Harpoon.” It has four triangular wings at mid-body, and four triangular moving control fins at the rear. The missile is 4.4 m in length, has a body diameter of 0.42 m, and has a launch weight of 630 kg. Midcourse guidance is provided by an inertial navigation system (INS), with an active radar in the terminal phase. The missile is powered by a solid propellant boost motor and a turbofan engine with a cruise speed of Mach 0.8. The missile has a range of 130 km and carries a 145 kg high explosive semi-armor piercing warhead.

Sources indicate that the SS-N-25 “Switchblade” entered service 1993. It is deployed on “Nanuchka 4” (Project 1234.2) class corvettes, modified “Krivak 1” (Project 1135) class frigates, and “Neustrashimy” (Project 1154) and “Gepard” (Project 11661) class frigates. Russia also plans to deploy the SS-N-25 on “Steregushchiy” (Project 20380) class frigates, and to offer the missile for export fitted to “Scorpion” (Project 12300) class corvettes and several classes of fast attack craft. The SS-N-25 is stored and launched from pressurized 3C34 containers, grouped in pairs of four. The export version is known as the 3M24E Uran E.

Russia has also developed an improved version of the SS-N-25 “Switchblade”/ SSC-6 “Stooge” known as the 3M24M. It incorporates GPS or Glonass updates, carries more fuel, and has an increased range of 250 km. Its launch weight is increased to 700 kg, and the missile is believed to be longer than the standard version (perhaps 5.4 m in length). Russia offered this version for export in 1997 as the 3M24E1 version.

The SS-N-25 missile has been exported to India for use aboard Delhi-class destroyers, Kora-class corvettes, Brahmaputra-class frigates, and possibly other craft as well. An initial order for 100 missiles was placed by India in 1997. Also in 1997, Russia exported SS-N-25 missiles to Vietnam for use aboard their Ho-A class fast-attack craft. It was originally believed that Algeria ordered 96 SS-N-25 missiles in 1998, but subsequent reports have suggested that Algeria ordered the air-launched variant AS-20 "Kayak."

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